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Motivation&Inspiration “Ability is what you’re capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do, Attitude determines how well you do it” “Lou Holtz” Often times,  I ask myself “Zoe, what are you capable of doing? What drives me or what motivates  me to achieve  my goals?, how long can my attitude sustain me while 🚶 walking […]

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The interloper

Originally posted on See Fleck Run:
It took a long time for me to think of myself as “a runner”. I wasn’t a runner. Real runners were fast. Real runners ran distances. Real runners ran distances fast. And I just didn’t see myself as part of the club. But then one day, while moving out…

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🌅It’s a new day everyone. Are you 😟 worried about today, how to carry on your daily activities, what attitude to portray, how to endure the pains, how to remain positive? Well, all these anxieties are made irrelevant once you remember  “The goodness of Yesterday “. I once heard &read the lyrics  of a song […]