Words of the wise🙏

#zoe_osems @IG     This is my testimony, That I am alive and well,living and breathing. That I was cursed but now cured That I was in shackles but now unshackled That I was constrained but now loose That I was captured but now set free. He didn’t give up on me while I was […]

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I had searched for inspiration everywhere. From the cooled breeze beneath the trees, From the negative effect of a picture and from the falling dew, From the landscape and even from the posters on the wall. Then, a word came to me. “for it is the spirit of God in Man, the breath of the […]


Good morning 😉

Don’t have much to say. Still, Good morning friends. As you begin this day, don’t forget to say hi to our heavenly father. Trust me, he’ll definitely lead you through the rest of it.😇

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