“I want to feel my life while am in it”

Merly Streep

Every day when I wake up, i ask myself a simple yet intense question.

“What’s my evidence of living? “

My usual daily routine comes after.sometimes I might live through the day without an answer,while some other days,i’d live grateful to God for the beauty he places in my life and the lives of those around me.

But today turned out different. I was suddenly grateful for both the normals and abnormals of the day. For example ,when I misplaced my precious storage device and had to approach a lecturer, though extremely upset and sad ,my actions and character at that point were meek and pleasant. When I saw a friend in need due to health issues, I became grateful to God for leading me through my sick years ,and how much zeal I felt to pray for him on my kneels, in my closest until I was satisfied. What’s your evidence of living?

Sitting in the bathtub I found my reason,my proof,my evidence of life and that is, to live a life seasoned with grace,doing thing that are honorable, lovely and noble,to bless lives as much as I can.

 Afterall What’s your essence if the world around you ain’t affected positively!!!.

✋ Touch Life’s In the world of words 👋

BLACK■QUEST ●Transforming Words To Action●👣👣


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