9TEEN lessons before 9TEEN

9TEEN lessons before 9TEEN.Screenshot_2015-10-10-06-11-31-1



Sharing thoughts for me, has become my most important way of life. You never can tell whose out there reading your words or sharing your very own thought.

Now, 9-TEEN lessons before 9-TEEN!.

To be nineteen is to be a step away from twenty, meaning ‘Dude you’re getting older!’. The question here is ; what have you made out of your life since you began your journey or what have you made out of your life since you became self concious and responsible for all your actions?

For me, every aspect of life begins with these 3 main facts, that is, GOD ‘‘FIRST”, FAMILY ‘‘NEXT” AND MONEY ‘‘THE REST”.

1# God ‘FIRST’

Don’t tell me you believe only in your own strengths or capabilities and not in a supreme  being!! You’ve got to be kidding right? Because I do and that’s GOD.

As a child, I was taught of how God would give all that you need. Yeah, that’s true. But as a teenage, I was made to understand that all you need, you would receive ONLY if you are committed to doing your PART. That part is putting God first before anything else.

2# Family ‘NEXT’

Your home is your first church. It consists of your mum or your dad, including you, your siblings if you have any and maybe some uncles, aunties, cousines ,your niece or your nephews e.t.c.. it is your first center of learning, in which you learn how to communicate with each other, work out your differences and eventually love and form bonds.if you cant, your life might turn out sore cause the home is a training and learing institute. STICK WITH IIT!


3#  Money “THE REST”

Money makes the world go round…well yeah! Money is needed for almost every transaction if not all transactions in the world. Thus, money is not evil. You need money so find a legit way of getting it. MONEY AINT EVIL FOR CHRIST SAKE, only the love of money is EVIL. So please don’t say God would provide (yeah he would) cause you’d die from starvation while waiting, if you don’t get your ass up and work it.

4# Purpose

What’s your purpose? Your purpose is reason why you live, the reason for your existence, your definite chief aim in life and blah, blah, blah… you know the rest but, as simple as it seems, it’s the most difficult aspect of life for majority of the world occupants. At nineteen you should already know your purpose. If you don’t, I think you should take a break from whatever you are doing and find it deep within yourself. When I say yourself. I mean find it from the source of your being i.e. from your Creator. At nineteen you should ask yourself this; How Close Am I To Actualizing My Purpose OR How Far I Have Gone.


5#That takes us to Attitude

Dear bloggers, Attitude is everything. Your attitude towards anything determines how successful you’d be. So if you’ve got an attitude issue, then you’ve got one hell of a challenge. Get your mentality checked!!  Just in case you feel like being a success candidate.


6# Being nineteen isn’t all about finding a new groove, a new boyfriend(lol), the latest clubs and new shoes (though sometimes it is)… it also revolves around your Dreams. For those of us who love education, you should be in college, the university and what and not. For those of us who love business, you should be engaged in something to make money and life better for yourself and those around you. Or do both. You’ve got to DREAM!!!


7# A wise man ones said ‘To stumble Twice against the same stone is a Proverbial Disgrace (CICERO). Well yeah!! Life is problematic when you don’t learn from your mistakes and that of others. LEARN.


8# All we have to fear is FEAR itself.

One major problem we all face is fear. It builds its nest daily in our minds. Fear aims at your vision, blocks your insight, shortens your horizon and limits your space. Everything revolves around the mind. What’s your mind Status?


9# That takes us to Respect

I’ve always said “respect is reciprocal”, yes it is, but not always. Respect yourself and appreciate yourself then, you’d get the honor you deserve.


#was going to write more but I guess we’ve covered the main issue here. Welcome to my world# 😙







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