Just Who Said It – A literature

Just Who Said It – A literature

Wednesday , June 14, 2017

– Dilemma of farmers-

“P: S PROFESSIONALS don’t take it personal. Not everyone is free from ignorance. Got this inspiration from the most popular term used to categorize the small scale farmers of Nigeria “poor”


“Just who said it!!!” A young man wearing a t-shirt & shorts with simple shoes yelled. Angrily storming towards the well suited professionals who seemed to have been in a meeting but now, at a standstill.

Just who said it!! The man yelled. 

“Who said farmers were lazy? Who said we had it easy? Who do you think you are?.”

He paced through the room, looking here and there, mumbling what and what not. Onlookers like myself rushed off his part, in a bid to get the gist for future gossip.

“I wake up at 5am every morning, get to my farm before 6:30am and water my plants before 7:30am”. He yelled

“Yet at 6am you’re still on your beds. You laze around then, drive your fancy cars to your so called office.”

Who said I don’t have it hard!!! I have to drive my truck every morning to my workshop, co-ordinate those who work with me, assign tasks and take on other duties.

We also go to school you know! We’ve got damn degrees!!

Just who do you think you are? Who said farming was for the poor?, who said we were lazy?.

You seat on your seats all day with the AC way above freezing point and you call it life!! You fools!

You take the elevator all the time and elude the stairs by the escalator. You call a driver and they take you home. You eat and drink, then go to bed.

Idiots!! You are worse than animals themselves. Even ants are smarter than you.

We produce your food, we plan, watch the weather critically so as not to miss a favorable planting season. We modernize our facilities and preserve out stock. Commercial traders come to get some and sell them to you lazy folks in the market. Worse is you don’t even have the skill to cook so, you buy takeout’s or hire catering services.

 You work under someone all your life and you are happy! What lazy fools!

 Am ten times richer than you’ll be in ten years. Am extremely sorry” he said. His gaze seemed to travel far as though we were transparent. He stormed out angrily.

 Some people giggled but, the rich men in suits had a sore expression on their faces.

 I chuckled and murmured “just who said it”



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