“I want to feel my life while am in it” Merly Streep Every day when I wake up, i ask myself a simple yet intense question. “What’s my evidence of living? “ My usual daily routine comes after.sometimes I might live through the day without an answer,while some other days,i’d live grateful to God for […]

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■The year seventeen■

□◆THE YEAR SEVENTEEN ◆👣□ 👀Every new year comes with a special suprise, unquestionable opportunities and uprising temptations.That’s the fun part of life. Let’s begin a new journey. TAGGED ❤PERFECTION❤ Touch life’s in the world of words 👋 👢Back to school every new year means back to the online world👓.the Quest continues.👣 Remember to send me […]

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Malala Yousafzai The human of this month is the inspirational, diligent and beautiful Malala Yousafzai. I heard of Malala through a friend some years back, and what attracted me to her was her name… Source: HUMAN OF THE MONTH


If Life Were all about me!!

If life were all about you what would you do? I specifically could think of tons of things I’ll do. If life were all about me , no one will matter. I could scream in a void, play bumming music at the library and no one would pay mind to it. I could paint, start […]

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The New Year!

It’s a New year friends. 😆 😆 we all look forward and above, grabbing on to Gods stretched out arms. Let’s embrace the upgrade in our lives. Ranging from the physical to the spiritual and from the spiritual to the psychological and mental aspect of our lives. 😆   Let your soul lean on his […]

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