The Fun Delicacy #Evermore#

At the end of every service, many people say “fellowship was fun” but, what really makes it fun? Is it the fact that we get to see our friends, socialise or what? What’s makes us say “service is fun” is the joy we experience the moment we step our feet into fellowship. The blissful feeling […]

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On Rainy Sundays ☀

  “ The struggle to attend the morning service was prolonged, as the rain fought for dominance. Yet, it stopped immediately the service began” I complained to a fellow passenger in the bus. 4am sharp, I was out of bed. Gave thanks for the day and began to prepare for service. I had to board […]

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A New Dawn!

Waking up to a new dawn, I looked through the flying curtains  as the morning light rays pierced through them. indeed it was a new dawn!! One which brought along goodness and mercies just as the lord had ordained it to be. Good morning friends.

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