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What does life have to offer? What are the potentials and values you get from it? What is life’s connection? Is it having all the wealth, houses and other material things? Is it following the crowd where ever they go? Or rather is it being yourself and recognizing the one…


Blaçk Quest

Hello World! ! Welcome to To the Black Quest “the journey of an adventurous little woman”… {Really? …lolz} Surf through the pages and your favourite  categories to get updated on every news, articles, poetry or even leisure adventures,relationships at love and life, inspirational words at word World and lots more. Do keep me posted by […]

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9TEEN lessons before 9TEEN

9TEEN lessons before 9TEEN.     Sharing thoughts for me, has become my most important way of life. You never can tell whose out there reading your words or sharing your very own thought. Now, 9-TEEN lessons before 9-TEEN!. To be nineteen is to be a step away from twenty, meaning ‘Dude you’re getting older!’. […]

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“I want to feel my life while am in it” Merly Streep Every day when I wake up, i ask myself a simple yet intense question. “What’s my evidence of living? “ My usual daily routine comes after.sometimes I might live through the day without an answer,while some other days,i’d live grateful to God for […]

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■The year seventeen■

□◆THE YEAR SEVENTEEN ◆👣□ 👀Every new year comes with a special suprise, unquestionable opportunities and uprising temptations.That’s the fun part of life. Let’s begin a new journey. TAGGED ❤PERFECTION❤ Touch life’s in the world of words 👋 👢Back to school every new year means back to the online world👓.the Quest continues.👣 Remember to send me […]

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■Every Royalties Quest■ Be wise in the way you act towards strangers,making good use of every opportunity you have.your speech should always be pleasant and interesting and you should know how to give the right answer to everyone. {Colossians 4:5-6}( the goodnews version ) □■{PHILIPPIANS 4:4″,4:8} Rejoice and again I say rejoice Fill your minds […]



A WORD FOR THE KING{PROVERBS 30:28} ■AN ADVICE TO A KING■ These are the solemn words which king lemuels mother  said to her him- You are my own dear son,  the answer to my prayers, what shall I tell you? Don’t spend all your energy on sex and all your money on women;they have destroyed […]


The Best Defence

“Captain! Captain!” there has been a plot against us! we’ve been ambushed!! yelled the young lieutenants. “take your weapons, hide behind the rocks now!!” “wait till your hear my whistle and your captains word, Then Attack” the commander ordered. the enemy matched into their territory and found no one. they laughed, forgetting the rocks engulfed […]

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