👏Evaluating our lectures📄🎓

Evaluating our lectures this session was quite stressful and for those who are still on it…started my evaluation last week immediately it was announced only to get Jammed in the servers congestion . hundreds and if not thousands of students where in the struggle. Covenant university’s dead line meant ‘Dead Line’ no African time.😃😂 I […]

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The Best Defence

“Captain! Captain!” there has been a plot against us! we’ve been ambushed!! yelled the young lieutenants. “take your weapons, hide behind the rocks now!!” “wait till your hear my whistle and your captains word, Then Attack” the commander ordered. the enemy matched into their territory and found no one. they laughed, forgetting the rocks engulfed […]

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Wait!! I aint ready!😰

It’s Friday!Again, and we’re still wishing Friday would last forever.the weeks run fast and the weekends even faster. We’ve got little or no time to achieve all our plans.😯could this be due a solstices!! Or maybe an equinox? ??. Just dropped by to say hi😉. Remember folks,time waits for no one! It ain’t gonna listen […]

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The Fun Delicacy #Evermore#

At the end of every service, many people say “fellowship was fun” but, what really makes it fun? Is it the fact that we get to see our friends, socialise or what? What’s makes us say “service is fun” is the joy we experience the moment we step our feet into fellowship. The blissful feeling […]

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The cat died! What killed it? Curiosity!

CURIOSITY Curiosity & knowledge July’s adventure CURIOUS TO DEATH The most fascinating yet dangerous character of the complex being “man”, most especially at his early age is Curiosity.   CURIOSITY Curiosity also called mans inquisitiveness which arouses his interest to explore has always been and still  remains the proof of man’s advancement. Though, it was […]

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Malala Yousafzai The human of this month is the inspirational, diligent and beautiful Malala Yousafzai. I heard of Malala through a friend some years back, and what attracted me to her was her name… Source: HUMAN OF THE MONTH


On Rainy Sundays ☀

  “ The struggle to attend the morning service was prolonged, as the rain fought for dominance. Yet, it stopped immediately the service began” I complained to a fellow passenger in the bus. 4am sharp, I was out of bed. Gave thanks for the day and began to prepare for service. I had to board […]

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